German Officials: Tesla Giga Berlin Ready to Ramp Up Production

The facility, located in Grünheide near Berlin, is set to become the largest electric vehicle factory in Europe.

The news comes as a welcome relief for Tesla and its supporters who have been eagerly awaiting the completion of Giga Berlin since it was first announced back in 2019. Construction on the site has been ongoing ever since then and now it appears that all of those efforts are finally paying off.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently visited Germany to inspect progress at Giga Berlin and he seemed pleased with what he saw during his visit. He also took some time out from his trip to meet with German officials including Chancellor Angela Merkel, where they discussed topics such as renewable energy sources and climate change initiatives being undertaken by both countries.
Merkel’s government has made no secret of their support for Tesla’s plans for Giga Berlin; they have even gone so far as offering tax incentives which will help reduce costs associated with production at the facility once it is up-and-running later this year or early next year (2021).

This latest announcement from German officials regarding production ramping up at Giga Berlin marks an important milestone not only for Tesla but also European EV manufacturing more generally – something that could potentially revolutionize transportation across Europe over coming years if successful . It remains unclear exactly when full scale production will begin but one thing is certain: there are many people around world watching closely how things develop here!

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