Tesla’s Red Semi Spotted at California Supercharger

The red Semi is one of the few that have been spotted in public since Tesla first unveiled its electric truck back in 2017. The company has yet to begin production on the vehicle, and it’s unclear when they will do so.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that he expects to start producing Semis by 2021, but there are still many questions about how much demand there will be for an all-electric semi truck. Many companies have expressed interest in using them for their fleets, but some remain skeptical due to concerns over range and cost.

It’s also unclear what kind of infrastructure Tesla plans on building out around these vehicles as well as how they plan on servicing them once they hit the road. These are all important considerations if Tesla wants their Semis to become a viable option for commercial transportation companies looking at alternative fuel sources like electricity instead of diesel or gasoline engines.

For now though, we can only speculate about what lies ahead with this mysterious red Semi making its appearance today at a Supercharger station near Dublin California – perhaps hinting at something bigger coming from Tesla soon? Only time will tell!

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