When fully operational, Tesla's Gigafactory will allow Tesla to build 500,000 cars per year. The quotes below highlight Elon Musk's thoughts on this world-changing project.

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  1. "A factory deserves more innovation and more engineering skill than the product itself."

  2. "The biggest epiphany I’ve had this year is that what really matters is the machine that builds the machine - the factory. And that is at least two orders of magnitude harder than the vehicle itself." (Sep, 2016 | Source)

  3. "We’re only able to do this [build the Gigafactory] because of you guys [Tesla owners]. Without you this could not be possible."

  4. "The Gigafactory is about being able to... actually move the needle from a global carbon production perspective."

  5. "I actually really love manufacturing. It’s great. I think more people should get into it."

  6. "We can fit 50 Billion hamsters in the gigafactory"

  7. "One way to think of manufacturing efficiency is how long a journey did that molecule take from when it was mined. So if it was mined in one part of the world, and eventually does several trips around the world before it ends up in a finished product, that's fundamentally expensive."

  8. "It makes sense for rail cars of raw materials to come in one side, and then for finished vehicles to exit the other side."

  9. "I’m really excited about revitalizing manufacturing. It needs love and we’re gonna give it."

  10. "There is at least a 5 - 10 fold potential improvement in production capability [with the Gigafactory]."

  11. "The Gigafactory is essentially designed like a very high density, multi-layered integrated circuit. Like an advanced CPU."

  12. "We consider [the factory] to be a product. The factory itself is the machine that builds the machine"

  13. "What really matters to accelerate a sustainable future is being able to scale up production volume as quickly as possible."

  14. "Tesla... [focuses] heavily on designing the machine that makes the machine - turning the factory itself into a product."

Cover photo from Steve Jurvetson