Tesla Roadster Pushed to the Back Burner, Says Tesla Head of Design

The Tesla Roadster has been pushed to the back burner, according to a recent interview with Tesla head of design, Franz von Holzhausen. The electric sports car was first announced in 2017 and promised an impressive range of up to 620 miles per charge and 0-60 mph acceleration in 1.9 seconds. It also featured a removable glass roof panel that could be stored inside the vehicle when not in use.

Despite its ambitious specifications, it appears that the Roadster is no longer at the top of Tesla’s priority list as they focus on more practical vehicles such as their Model 3 sedan and upcoming Cybertruck pickup truck. In his interview with Automotive News Europe, von Holzhausen said “We have other priorities right now… We are focusing on our core products like Model 3 or Y or S.”

It’s understandable why Tesla would want to prioritize these models over something like the Roadster; after all they are much more practical for everyday use than a two-seater sports car would be for most people - especially given their current price tag which starts at $200k USD before incentives/rebates etc.. However this doesn’t mean we won’t see any new developments from them regarding this model anytime soon; there’s still plenty of potential left untapped here so hopefully we’ll hear some news about it eventually!

For now though it looks like fans will just have to wait patiently while Elon Musk & Co continue working hard on bringing us even better cars than ever before - including (hopefully) one day seeing what else can come out from under those doors at SpaceX headquarters!

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