” Tesla Model 3 Spotted Testing as Part of Revamped “Project Highland” Program

Recently, a Tesla Model 3 was spotted testing on roads that could potentially be part of the company’s revamped program codenamed “Project Highland.” The vehicle was seen with several modifications to its exterior and interior, suggesting it is indeed part of the project.

The exact details of Project Highland are still unknown but reports suggest that it will involve significant changes to the existing Model 3. It is believed that these changes will include an updated design for both the exterior and interior as well as improved performance features such as increased range and acceleration.

Tesla has yet to officially confirm any details about Project Highland or when we can expect a new version of their popular electric car model. However, given how quickly they have been able to develop other projects in recent years, it seems likely they are working hard on this one too. If so then we may see an updated version sooner rather than later which would be great news for those looking for a more advanced electric car option from Tesla Motors Incorporated (TSLA).

Given how successful their current models have been in terms of sales figures and customer satisfaction ratings, there’s no doubt that any updates made under Project Highland would only further improve upon what already exists - making them even more attractive options than before!

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