Tesla Enhances Communications Amid Elon Musk’s Growing Controversy

The electric car maker has increased its spending on public relations and communications by more than 50 percent since the start of 2019, according to a report from Bloomberg. This comes as Musk’s behavior has become increasingly erratic, with him making controversial statements about topics ranging from artificial intelligence to the media.

Tesla’s PR team is now working overtime in an effort to control the narrative around Musk and his company. They have been pushing out positive stories about Tesla’s products and services while also attempting to downplay any negative press coverage that may arise due to Musk’s comments or actions.

This strategy appears designed not only for damage control but also for long-term brand building purposes; Tesla wants people talking positively about their cars rather than focusing on Elon’s antics or other controversies surrounding the company itself.

In addition, it seems likely that this increase in external communication is part of a larger effort by Tesla executives—including CFO Deepak Ahuja—to take some of the spotlight off Elon himself so he can focus more intently on running his business without having every move scrutinized by investors or journalists alike.

Ultimately though, whether this strategy will be successful remains unclear; after all, no amount of PR spin can completely erase what many view as questionable decisions made by Elon over recent months (or years). But if nothing else it shows that those at Tesla are aware they need help managing their image going forward if they want continued success both financially and culturally speaking

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