Tesla (TSLA) Sees Unprecedented Demand After Price Cuts, Stores Hit New Records

Tesla (TSLA) is having an incredible surge in demand following their significant price cuts last week. Reports are showing that many stores across the US have been experiencing unprecedented levels of orders and sales, with some even hitting record numbers. This has led to inventories quickly dwindling as customers rush to get their hands on Tesla products at a discounted rate.

The company’s CEO Elon Musk tweeted out earlier this week that “demand for Model 3 & Y has been insane” and it seems like he was right! Many analysts believe that this surge in demand can be attributed directly to the price cut, which saw prices drop by up to 7%. The move also came shortly after Tesla announced they would be increasing production capacity of both models so they could meet customer demands more effectively – something which appears to have paid off handsomely for them already!

It looks like Tesla is well positioned going into 2020; not only do they have strong consumer interest thanks to these recent discounts but also due their impressive lineup of new vehicles coming out soon including the Cybertruck and Roadster 2.0 – both highly anticipated models from fans all over world who are eagerly awaiting delivery dates! With such high expectations surrounding these upcoming releases, it doesn’t seem likely that any other car manufacturer will be able able compete with them anytime soon – making now an incredibly exciting time for those invested in or interested TSLA stock.