EST (1210 GMT). Watch Live: SpaceX to Launch GPS III Satellite to Orbit on Wednesday Morning

EST (1210 GMT).

SpaceX is set to launch their latest GPS satellite into orbit on Wednesday morning, and you can watch the liftoff live! The Falcon 9 booster from SpaceX will be sending GPS III Space Vehicle 06 in an advanced Global Positioning System satellite to space at 7:10 a.m. EST (1210 GMT). This marks another milestone for SpaceX as they continue to lead the way in space exploration and innovation.

The new GPS III SV06 satellite is designed with enhanced accuracy, navigation signals that are three times more powerful than those of its predecessors and anti-jamming capabilities which make it more secure against cyber threats or interference from other satellites or ground systems. It also features a longer lifespan of 15 years compared with 12 years for previous models, allowing it to remain operational longer without needing replacement by another mission.

This upcoming launch has been highly anticipated by many who have followed SpaceX’s progress over the past few months as they have made significant strides towards advancing their technology even further beyond what was previously thought possible before now. As we look forward towards this exciting event on Wednesday morning, let us take some time out of our day today to appreciate just how far humanity has come since first setting foot off planet Earth decades ago!