I started Elon Musk News on March 4th, 2016 as a personal challenge to see if I could earn an income from something I'm passionate about. Initially, the most obvious revenue model to me was paid corporate sponsorships. After 7 months of growing the newsletter, soliciting sponsorship, and publishing two issues per week, the newsletter has just broken even in expenses (I spend ~$500 per month to produce & grow the newsletter). Unfortunately, this is not sustainable financially or time wise. I now have two options going forward: kill the newsletter, or switch to a different revenue model.

As so many of you love reading it, and as I love producing it, I think that putting the newsletter to rest is absolutely the wrong option. Instead, I’ve decided to move to a paid newsletter model. Here’s how it will work:

If you enjoy Elon Musk News and read it regularly, I’d tremendously appreciate it if you sign up for Elon Musk News Premium. This way you will continue to receive the newsletter twice per week with pixel popping images. You will also be added to our secret Facebook group for hard core Elon Musk fans, and get 20% off our SpaceX & Tesla themed apparel. The cost for this is $5 / month or $47 / year.

Thank-you so much for all your support!

Zachary K.D.