The Truth Behind Tesla’s Alleged ‘Staged’ Self-Driving Video Revealed

The Truth Behind Tesla’s Alleged ‘Staged’ Self-Driving Video Revealed

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Today, there is a lot of buzz in the media about Tesla having allegedly ‘staged’ or ‘faked’ a self-driving video back in 2016. This has been brought up after the testimony of an executive from Tesla Autopilot was released. So what really happened?

In 2016, Tesla had released a promotional video showing how its autopilot feature could be used to drive autonomously on public roads without any human intervention. However, recently it was revealed that this self-driving demonstration may have been staged and not entirely real as claimed by the company at that time.
The revelation came when an executive from Tesla Autopilot testified before Congress saying he had warned Elon Musk against releasing such videos as they were misleading and potentially dangerous for drivers who might think their cars can do more than they actually can with current technology levels available then (or even now). He further stated that these videos did not accurately depict what autonomous driving capabilities are currently capable of doing safely on public roads today - regardless if it’s done by Teslas or any other car manufacturer using similar technology levels at present times .

So while some people may argue this was indeed ‘fake’ news created to mislead customers into thinking their vehicles are more advanced than they actually are; others would say it’s just another example of companies trying to promote new products through creative marketing tactics which don’t always reflect reality perfectly but still provide useful information about potential future capabilities – something which we already see happening all around us every day!

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